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 "We are very pleased with the service we have received from WADSAA, Inc. Dave is wonderful to work with and responds to our requests in a timely and professional manner. Changes that need to be made to our website are done almost immediately. Barranada Shirt Company highly recommends WADSAA for all of your web design needs!"

Submitted by Barbara Graves, now retired.

WADSAA Designs is the creative and technical division of WADSAA Inc. that works with the key people in your company to design strategies for an Internet website presence that is attractive, functional and informational.

For a web site to be effective, designing the web site to appeal to the audience you are reaching is a key to success. Difficult navigation can be a problem for many people who are not tech savvy. Is your current design leaving those viewers behind? Some people like to read the details, while others see a photo and contact the client. Does your current web site cater to both types of visitors? More and more people are using mobile devises than ever before. Does your web site work with mobile devises?

Two key factors set us apart from other website design firms: Customer Service and Individualized Web Designs. Too many web design firms end the job when the design is finalized and the website is on the Internet. Updates are slow to happen and in many cases don't happen at all. Updating your website is part of the job with us and we take pride in our business relationships with our clients. We DO NOT use templates or software programs where everyones websites look almost the same.

WADSAA Designs will create a website based on YOUR needs that will separate your business from the competition. We do not focus on design aspects made to impress the website viewer with our skills in website design. We concentrate on the type of product or subject matter that the website is focused on and present that product or subject in a simple but effective way to make sales or get your point across easily and clearly. Clean and clear navigation and design does not confuse the audience over what the website is really about. We take into account the type of audience that the client's website will be focused on and the design must appeal to that audience in a clear and concise manner. Too many website design firms allow their egos to affect the design and are determined to display their skills by incorporating the latest tech-wizard gadgets into the website. This only serves to confuse the audience and detract from the client's product or services.

WADSAA Designs programming professionals can create custom logos, web graphics, animation, java applications, cgi scripts, shockwave and integrated database applications that are available to vendors or customers in a secure environment. This means that your company will have the ability to interact on a business to business level or a business to customer level without data being available to everyone on the Internet . If you are interested in more detailed information, please contact WADSAA Designs by email or by calling the corporate offices at 740.398.8087. Examples of our website designs are available at our Client Profile Links.







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