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 Every once in awhile, you get lucky. I was fortunate enough to hear about WADSAA from a business friend of mine and contacted them to build my website and market it using their SEO services. My company is ranked at the top on page one in Google and has been for several years for the area I want to reach. These people can do what others only talk about doing.

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Q: What exactly is SEO and why do I need it?

A: SEO is the short version for "search engine optimization". This is the process of raising the ranking of your website in the search engines so people can find your website quickly and easily without have to search through millions of other websites.

Q: With so many pay-per-click ads all over Google, people claim that SEO is dead, so why is SEO of any value now?

A: Pay-per-click advertising has hurt many websites, the cost is beyond most people's budget. However, most users realize now those ads are exactly that, advertising and in many cases do not show the information people were looking for. More and more people are ignoring the ads and looking through the organic listings with the high ranking websites getting the most traffic from these searches.

Q: So many companies now claim they can do SEO, what makes your company different?

A: When we started our company in 1994, the term SEO did not exist. We called it Search Engine Marketing at that time. We have always pushed our client's websites for top positioning based on what we have seen the search engines do over the years. In 2001 we developed our "Spyder" marketing program to track and imitate the search bots and how they react to your website. With this data, we are able to adjust the website to rank higher than your competition. This unique program gives us a definate advantage over any SEO company in the world. It changes search grading criteria the same as the search bots that now visit your website and grade the site for ranking.

Q: Our current SEO company has given us top ranking for our company name, but nothing else. They claim they gave us number one position, but only our company name can be found. How can they make this claim?

A: Unfortunately, we have hear of this happening more and more with SEO companies claiming "we guarantee you number one position". They do not specify what keywords or keyphrases will make you number one. Some claim your company name being number one qualifies. Most company names are unique, so being "number one" under a unique name is not difficult at all because you are the only one with that name.

Q: If we hire you to handle the SEO for our website, what do you provide as proof our website is climbing in the ranking?

A: Each month you will receive a report that charts your keywords, keyphrases and where your website currently ranks so you will be able to see exactly what is happening.

Q: Do you handle everything in-house or do you out-source your SEO?

A: All of our SEO is done in-house by our marketing staff. We do NOT outsource to India, China or anywhere else.

Q: Why don't you show all the people you work for in your profile?

A: Some of our clients prefer to let the public think they handle everything within their own company and we respect their wishes. For many, this gives them a major competitive edge that they do not wish to lose by revealing the use of our services.

Q: What are your fees for SEO services?

A: Our fees vary depending on the number of man-hours we need to devote to the website. For a small website, 10 webpages or less, we charge a flat $125.00 per month. In some cases, we will work on a commission basis on the amount of sales improvement generated by our efforts.

Q: You handle the SEO for a company who has been on the top of Google for 8 years. I own a company who makes a similar product. Can you do the same for my website?

A: Unfortunately, in this situation, we cannot work for a competitive company in the same marketplace. It would create a conflict of interest situation.

Q: We have an existing website that could use some major help in getting better rankings. Will your SEO system work with any website?

A: No, it depends on how the website was designed and what software was used to create it. Template websites or dynamic websites can be a problem. Contact us for a free evaluation if we can help you with the website in it's current form.

Q: My company was contacted by a SEO Company from India about providing links to my website. Does this really help or hurt our website?

A: We do not put much faith in links with a foreign country being involved. Links only help IF they are directly related to your industry or marketplace. We would not rely on a person outside of the country to make those decisions for us who may not understand fully.

Q: Do you work for other website design companies?

A: Yes. Many website designers do excellent work and produce great, visually appealing designs, but they have no expertise or experience in SEO. We work as a sub-contractor for several website design firms across the country.



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