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“I just want to take a moment to tell you Dave how much we appreciate you. Nowadays, it takes several requests to get anything done especially when dealing with a web design/hosting company. With you, one time and it’s done! You truly are the best."

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 Is your website making you money or costing you money?
If people can’t find your website without searching through 5 pages of competitors, what chance do you have of earning their business?

Many people tell us “I can’t find my own website in the search engines, can you help?” In most cases, YES! Much of the success for a high ranking website depends on what software was used to design the site itself. If the web designer used a program to build your website, we can employ on-site SEO techniques working with your designer to get the site moving up in the search engine listings. If you are using one of the do it yourself “template” web site tools like WIX, WEEBLY, SQUARESPACE, 1&1 WEB, WORDPRESS or SITE BUILDER currently being advertised on TV, we can utilize off-site SEO marketing programming to achieve higher rankings. This process is much slower to see results, and must be updated on a continual basis. With WADSAA,Inc. , you are never left to face Internet Marketing alone. We are there with you every step of the process so you can see REAL Results.

Many businesses now have a website, but is it doing the job you were promised? Are you getting hundreds of “hits” but few conversions? Bottom line is: A website is ADVERTISING! If people can't find it easily, what good is it doing your business!

Many businesses have spent hundreds of dollars to have a web site designed professionally or spent hours upon hours trying to build their own website, only to find the TV ad promise “you’ll be found everywhere” was nothing but marketing hype to get you to spend money on their services. The do it yourself programs just don’t get the job done and the web design professional you hired may not have any idea when it comes to marketing or SEO.

WADSAA, Inc. has a proven track record of success and the reporting tools that SHOW you EXACTLY where your website ranks on the search engines and what needs to be done to get that website working for you. We don’t make empty promises and claim “your website will be number 1”.
We do push the goal of having your website moveup the rankings where people can locate you easily in both local search and national search if you wish to market on that level.

For information on all WADSAA Designs website marketing services and how we can design a specific program for your company, email WADSAA Designs or contact us at 740.398.8087 to discuss your specific needs. Please view the list of client profiles above in the left panel to view businesses who have discovered the advantages that WADSAA Designs can provide for your website.

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  Website Hosting and Web Administration Services

 WADSAA, Inc. offers several different programs to host your website on our servers. We offer full website design, administration and maintenance services for clients who prefer a "hands off approach" as well as do-it-yourself packages for companies who do in-house design but need hosting services.

We also recommend companies that specialize in specific areas such as co-location and high speed commercial Internet services to your web server. This ensures that any potential client that wants to access your web pages will never be turned away because of too many hits on your web site at one time.

All web site design is not the same. Many people try the do-it-yourself packages available now in most retail stores, but quickly realize that getting highly ranked in the search engines is a task far beyond their capabilities. WADSAA, Inc. has a proven track record of elevating their clients high in the search engines to gain maximum exposure for their clients. Please visit our client profiles and then do a search on the search engine of your choice for their marketplace or product. Ranking in the top 3 pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing is the wish of all web site owners and WADSAA, Inc. can make that wish a reality.

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